A couple of days in Christchurch

Report 29 Januari untill 2 February
By Trudy

We have met friends of Kathryn. They come from the village Twizel in the south. When we pass by them we are invited to have diner with them. A pleasant prospect.
We have send our first postcards to our grandchildren.
We picked up the paperwork for the cars at the Customs at the Airport. They are signed and oké.
On our way back home Trudy hide herself behind a totempole.

totem pole

Kelvin Finlay picked us up to show his classic car collection. All very rare cars, most one of a kind, called  “orphan cars”.


We made a city tour through Christchurch and saw the destroyed  buildings because of the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011.


At Friday on the square near the Cathedrale there are a lot of foodcars. You can eat food from several countries and it the taste is very good, especialy with the summer sun in your face.

footcars at the square




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