Report 9 June
By Trudy

In Timber Creek we have not seen crocodiles at the campsite. We pack and leave.


Fortunately it is fast coffee time, because I bought some goodies. Because Rick found the bracket of the feather package I would treat. This was the first day that I could buy some goodies.



It is very special to see termite mounds throughout Australia. The shapes and the colors are always different.


We continue and see everything on the way. It is not a boring piece.

on the road



When a road-train comes along, we shake in the T-Ford and when it’s over we stick our thumbs up. Successful again.


They are long roads in Australia.


And then POP, what a blow. “Hold on tight” Dirk shouts and happily sends the T-Ford safely. PFFFFFF.

blow out


Then we stand along the road. My heart pounds very hard, but we go into action.

action 1

action 2

The inner tube is folded out and the tire is off the rim. The rim is a bit damaged but fortunately not completely broken. He has to get rid of it. Dirk does another rim with tire on the wheel and the last tire he knot on the T-Ford.

new tire


It went great well and completely back together. Within 40 minutes. Well done Dirk.

very good

When we drive again we see our team follow us. They had driven ahead this time and that’s why they missed this breakdown and repair.

Dirk had agreed that we would arrive in Katherine this afternoon. We were well on time but a car came to meet us, signaled, stopped, turned and John stepped out and welcomed us.


He takes us to his house, where Diana also welcomes us. We have a private campsite with all facilities.


We set up our tents and are invited for a drink at the house. There is a nice sign hanging on the wall.



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