Report 23 February
By Steef

Before we continue this morning to Mount Cook, we first want to see the famous Moeraki Bolders, which are located further on the beach. They owe their fame to the fact that they are almost completely round stones that can be seen at low tide. When we walk up to the beach they seem to lie a long way further, surrounded by groups of tourists. Trudy makes a zoomed picture and then we dig up to the mountains at the Ben Ohau Range.

Moeraki bolders

Here are some photos taken on the way.

wheel check



hands on the wheel


In the afternoon we reach Lake Pukaki. The water has an incredible azure blue color that does not look too good on the picture. It is reminiscent of the color of floating icebergs in Antarctica. The vastness of the surrounding panorama is overwhelming while we keep the entire length of the lake on our right.

approching Lake Pukaki

Pukaki 1

Pukaki 2

along the lake

Mount Cook

The campsite at Mount Cook Village is so full that we drive back a lot to the previous camping where there is space. It is dry weather so after the drinks we quickly put up the tent.

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3 Responses to Blue

  1. Nico Broers says:

    Hoi wereldreizigers,

    Wat een regen bij jullie. Daar heb ik Rick niets over horen zeggen ….
    Hier in Holland is het zo koud dat onze kat met een dode pinguin is zijn bek thuis kwam.
    Ik heb er een foto van, maar die kan ik niet aan dit bericht linken.

    Veel plezier en beter weer gewenst.

    Gr. Nico.

  2. myCBSEguide says:

    But a multi-tool won”t handle the nuts on the shopping carts. I have checked them out just for that purpose. You only need to replace one wheel, but that involves taking the locking wheel off the cart your are going to take and a free wheel from another cart and installing the free wheel on your cart. Lots of loosing and tightening nuts on axles. Perhaps you could eventually get the nuts off and on, but it would arduous. A couple of 8-inch crescent wrenches would make short work of the switch.

  3. Thanks really helpful. Will share site with my good friends.

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