Farewell Kyra and Jim

Report March 3
By Steef

After saying goodbye to Kyra and Jim, we leave Richmond at 9 o’clock and via Nelson we take the road to Picton where the Ferry to the North Island awaits us.
The first part at Nelson is still along the coast.

leaving Nelson

Dirk checks the bearing of the right front wheel that he had adjusted yesterday.
It turns out to be too hot, so adjust again. Meanwhile, we discover that a part of the front window of the Ford has been forgotten. After a call to Jim that has been solved, he comes to bring it. Dirk adjusts the bearing and is already on his way. When Jim has brought the window, we finally say goodbye. There is another beautiful winding road along many slopes to the sound from where the ferry will depart. Along the way we see the giant ferns appear again. In the depth we see a timber port with stacked logs.
They are supplied with large trucks that travel at great speed on the narrow curvy roads. If we turn aside for them in a slow vehicel lane, they give a little horn of honor.

a hot bearing

fern tree

a smal fern

near Picton

wood harbour

We are approaching Picton. All kinds of water sports here. Sailing schools, surfing, fishing is all there.

going to the ferry

fjord of Picton


Arriving at the ferry it appears that there is no more space (we had not booked).
Instead at 2 o clock we now leave at 6.45. So wait, but that is not a punishment with this weather. Near the water we find a lovely place under the trees. Table, chairs and we can enjoy all that plodding in the water with the knowledge that the frost has come in the Netherlands.

no place

sunny afternoon

In time at the ferry we join the waiting line, with the inevitable influx of curious people as a result. A lady with a lot of understanding of cars was allowed to take a seat next to Dirk.

Heidi a car expert

Then the whole caravan is loaded and in time we leave for the North Island that awaits the horizon with new roads and panoramas and undoubtedly very nice people.

into the feryy

leaving South Island

going trough the sound

some islands

last piece of land

North Island on the horizon

After the crossing in the evening twilight and later in the dark we use the taxi trick in Wellington to get to the house of Richard and Rona to arrive in the southern part of the city.
The taxi trick: you ask a taxi to take you to the desired address. Two people drive with him, the cars follow him. Despite the late time we are warmly welcomedby Richard an Rona. Rona is the daughter of the neighbour of Trudy and Dirk in Edam.
Again a wonderful bed awaits us.

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