Long way to Ceduna

Report 27 april
By Sjaak en Trudy

From Gladstone to Kimba we drive through a sloping landscape.

mountains 1

mountains 2

In Welmington we stop at a toy museum.

Wilmington Mueseum


We are going to Port Agusta for our phone and then the world is flat.
To come to Ceduna we can choose from 2 routes. We take the shortest.


The road is long but not bare. In the distance we see an A-Ford arriving.
We meet 2 men who makse the journey from East to West.

east to west

They also make this trip to raise money for a good cause. Information at www.East ToWest.com.au

meeting 1

They talk about their journey, show us the route and look to our route and are very impressed.

meeting 2

In Kimba we see a large image of Australia and take pictures of it.

Kimba 1

When we arrived at the campsite a man asked me: Why are you riding with an open door?
I told of the warmth of the Model T-Ford engine and a little later he gave me special insulation material that Dirk immediately put on.

warm feet


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