Crossing the Nullarbor

Report April 29 until May 2
By Trudy

Today is the day we start the journey on the Nullarbor, 1181 kilometers long. At the campsite, Dirk checks the rear end oil first and sees that there is iron on the magnet. That is why the oil must first be removed so that he can check the rear end.

control rear end

After the check and with the new oil, we will travel again. We have heard many stories about the Nullarbor, it is 1181 km long and there are many road-trains.

road train

Nullarbor 1

There is even a courageous cyclist on this road.

Nullarbor 2

The landscape changes. First we see sheep and grains and then jungle and large plains.


The road is indeed long, I do not need to read a map.

straight road 2

Beware of crossing animals !!


We leave the road and find a beautiful place to camp.

campsite 1

campsite 2

Coby takes care of the breakfast, Dirk takes care of the Model T-Ford. A stemp is crooked but if it is straight again we get in and leave again.

Coby’s kitchen


We see pieces of the ocean and it is so beautiful.

ocean 1


At Border-Village is the border of South Australia with Western Australia. Fruit, vegetables and meat can not cross the border. The custom officer want to take a picture of the Model T-Ford.
In the Road house the clocks shows the different times in Australia.


The whole road is to the west and at the end of the afternoon we have the sun low in our eyes.

going west

We camp in a beautiful spot again and the next day the road is very straight.

stright road 1

straight road 3

In the evening the full moon and the moon illuminate our camping spot.

full moon

In the morning the birds come to visit and we continue on the long Nullarbor.

visiters on the campsite

We saw a camel, but I could not take a picture of it. In the north of Australia we will see them more often, so I have another chance.


On the Nullarbor there are also several places where the Flying Doctors can land.

Flying Doctors

After four days we arrive in Norseman. It was a beautiful ride. We are back in the civilized world. That feels completely strange. It’s easy to go to a store where they sell everything, which we make a 3 star dinner at the campsite.




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