Rattle the tin.

Report 5 April
By Dirk

We are told that here in Australia it is a common way to raise money for a good cause by going around with a collection box.
They call it: Rattle the tin.
So we bought some typical Australian collection boxes and stuck our sticker on it.
We are curious what that will deliver.

rattle the tin

Today we have a party because our grandson Floris is 5 years old.
We have already taken coffee and cake when Floris was still sleeping.
This is due to the 9 hour time difference with the Netherlands.

coffee and cake

This morning we gave an interview with the Moreton Media Group, the local radio station here.


We are waiting for the cars. The container has arrived in the port of Brisbane. From our vacation spot on the Moroton Bay we can see the illuminated harbor in the evening.

port of Brisbane by night

one of those

Our cars must be in one of these containers.
They still have to be inspected by Customs before they are released and Customs in Australia is very strict. So that is just as exciting.

 In the meantime, Dirk and Mervin Kroll, our personal travel advisor for Australia, discuss our travel plans for the upcoming period.

Mervin and Dirk


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  1. Jannie VanDijk Walquist says:

    Welkom in Australie! Wens jullie veel veilige kilometers daar! Veel liefs, Jannie en Paul

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