Report 24 February
By Steef

On this beautiful morning we go to Ashburton on the way, where we have an appointment with Chris Dyer who we have already met in Christchurch. He organized another tour in the morning of 25 February. Again we drive past Lake Pukaki.



Lake Pukaki

may I take a picture

And then along the Dalgety Range, an incredibly broad plain with the allure of a vast yellow prairie. Here and there are some black cows, around us a ring of snowy peaks. There is no farm or shed anywhere.


Beyond Lake Tekapo we stop for lunch and coffee.

lunch break

After Burkes Pass we see habitation and agricultural activities again.
Sloping pastures with yellow flowers appear. Left and right we pass fields with live venison steaks.

yellow flowers

We want to drink tea somewhere on a country road. A woman comes out of her garden to look at those two strange cars. She invites us to come and drink something with her. A little later we sit at the tea at her wooden house in the garden. Her name is Sally and she has a dog and a half blind cat who walk around us. We play something on her guitar and then she draws on a piece of paper how we can get to Geraldine in a different way, because the road we wanted to take is closed.
“The Seven Sisters” is important. This is what makes traveling so attractive, the encounters with all kinds of different people, we reach Coronation Holiday Camp.
In time to eat with the club.

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