The cars arrived!!!

Report 5 February   
By Dirk

Today we hope to be able to pick up the cars.
We were informed that we had to wait for a phone call, because we were not allowed to be present when the cars were unloaded.
We did not wait for a phone call, but we went there by bus.
But before we left Trudy saw a special bird in the garden. She thought: a Takahe, a rare bird in New Zealand.
Black with a purple glow on the feathers. High on the legs and a red beak.
However, it turned out to be a Pukeko, an unpopular bird among farmers because he eats the grain and makes the piece. It remains a beautiful bird for Trudy.


On to the cars.
When we arrive at the site we see the container open, but no cars to be seen.
When we walk into the office, we meet a lady from the MPI, the department of customs who inspects whether the cars are clean and have no vermin on them. She gives us a compliment that the cars are so clean. Joepie, that’s a boost.

passed inspection

Paperwork has to be done first.


The Landrover did not want to start; what diesel in it but not yet start.
But with the help of jumper cables and a forklift truck, he di dit.

no starting

The T-Ford had fewer problems with it. After 4 times cranking the engine ran: the Ford apparently is really looking forward to go for New Zealand.

out of the container

The tires must still be put on tension after 8 weeks at sea.

tire presure 1

tire presure 2

On to our holiday home. The first meters on New Zealand soil.
First refuel and pay attention, they drive here on the left side.

home 1

home 2

Tomorrow the team will come for the Landrover: Steef and Greetje Reilingh and then the travel adventure in New Zealand can begin!!!

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2 Responses to The cars arrived!!!

  1. Nan Mulder says:

    Fijn dat jullie en de auto’s goed zijn aangekomen. Ik ben net weer terug in dat koude Nederland. Geniet van het lekkere weer, het mooie Nieuw Zeeland en de aardige mensen. En natuurlijk: een goeie reis!

  2. Nico Broers says:

    Was het een duur grapje, Dirk, nieuwe koplampen? Je hebt daar ook stickers voor, hoor. Gebruik ik altijd in Groot-Brittanië…

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