The first miles in Australia.

Report April 6
By Dirk

This morning we got a message that the cars have been released by customs and that we can pick them up in the port of Brisbane. It was just as exciting with all those strict control requirements here, but we succeeded.
We went to the harbor with George Schönauer and Mervin Kroll. George drives the Land Rover back from the harbor to our holiday address because Trudy prefers not to drive in that busy traffic. She is lucky with that.
At the customs depot everything is running smoothly. Some paperwork and safety jackets and we can go to the cars.
First we arrive at the Landrover, but it will not start. Some diesel in the tank, a serious look under the bonnet and it starts.

shall it starts

Then to the Model T, which was inside the depot.
It looked amazingly clean; that’s what those customs people have arranged nicely.
The Model T started immediately and Dirk drove it outside.

just released

You could wait, but immediately there were two men under the Model T. Why do men always crawl right under that car?

down under 1

down under 2

down under 3

Then we went into the busy evening peak of Brisbane and over the Highway to Redcliffe, our holiday destination.

George in the Landrover

the first miles 1

On his way Dirk got a huge downpour on his head.

the first miles 2

Wet but very satisfied we arrived at our holiday address in Redcliffe.

back in Redcliffe

Our support team will meet next Sunday: Sjaak, the brother of Dirk and his wife Coby.

On Monday our Australia adventure can really start!!!

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8 Responses to The first miles in Australia.

  1. Co en Ria Konijn says:

    Dirk en Trudy, heel veel plezier met Sjaak en Coby, we hebben ze vanmiddag uitgezwaaid en zijn nu op weg naar jullie groeten Co en Ria

  2. Jannie VanDijk Walquist says:

    Doe de hartelijke groeten an Sjaak en Coby! Zou graag met z’n allen een koppie koffie doen!

  3. Mitch Taylor says:

    We are looking forward to your arrival in Taree 🙂
    Good news, I have arranged coverage by two prominent local television stations and also our local newspaper.
    Safe journey,
    Mitch Taylor.

  4. Steef Reilingh says:

    Hee Trudy en Dirk. Dat is goed gegaan bij de douane, top. Op weg naar de volgende etappe. Wij genieten van de foto’s
    Liefs Greetje en Steef.

  5. Ina poel says:

    Coby en Sjaak, wij wensen jullie en het team een geweldige en veilige reis verder. We gaan jullie volgen.

    Liefs Jaap en Ina.

  6. Gary Cox says:

    Great presentation last night at the Taree Historic Car Club. Safe Travels

  7. Mitch Taylor says:

    On Wednesday 11th April, the Model T World Tour rolled in to Taree. I had the honour of Dirk and Trudy, and their support crew staying at my house during their visit. Prime7 News and NBN News both filmed interviews for their respective bulletins (which are featured in this video). Later, I treated the Model T crew to a delicious meal at Sailos Restaurant, and then it was on to Club Taree for Taree Historic Motor Club’s monthly meeting, where Dirk presented a big-screen presentation about the Model T World Tour. The following morning, the team set off for Singleton, Sydney and beyond…
    Dirk and Trudy, it was a pleasure hosting you guys at our house, Thankyou so much for the beautiful gift for my wife Shae 🙂 Have a safe journey and I hope to see you guys again in the future 🙂 Please enjoy the video I put together…

  8. Kris and Denise King says:

    Hi Dirk and Trudy, we were at the Gunyah Motel in Warwick on your first night of your trip. Was great to talk to you and have a look over your car. Would be a great adventure. Have just seen that you have just crossed the nullarbor plain, that is making good headway. Will have to keep closer check on your travel around our great country. Happy and safe travels. Kris and Denise.

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