Wild boar

Report 22 February
By Steef

This morning Brian and Marian bring us to the: Wolly Goat, a cafe outside of Dunedin to help us on our way. After the coffee and the pastries, we say goodbye.

the Wolly Goat


Dirk puts the fan back on the Ford and Greetje and Trudy discuss the route, then we go back through the beautiful landscape. At first the low hills seem to be tufted with a short grass cover. The area gets rougher later that morning. Coarse boulders seem scattered over the hills.


which way

landscape 1

landscape 2

landscape 3

landscape 4

landscape 5

We search and find The Moonlight Road. For the first time we see a roadside full of yellow flowers. White butterflies flutter in front of us. At a high hill with a single tree we stop for coffee.

flowers and butterflys


tree on the hill

Later in the afternoon we see the skins of wild boar hanging over the barbed wire. We estimate that there must be a hundred or so in about a kilometer
barbed wire. With some, the seat is still on the skull, their teeth bared in a frozen grin.

wild boar skins

wild boar

On the way we stop at a beautiful panorama and we take a picture from the moving car of a bright yellow house.

yellow house


At half past six we enter Motorcamp Moeraki. Before the tent is set up we first go to Katiki Point to see if there are any penguins to spot. We see three, but more surprising are the seals that are puffing on the sun-warmed kelp.
Some have even crawled up and are dawling on the grass ignoring the Chinese and Dutch tourists.

seal on the beach


very close sea lion

Katiki point

Sunset over Moeraki

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