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Report 8 february
by : Steven

The day started with a clear blue sky and that would remain so until the evening.
Dirk and Steef experience a few exciting hours because the two cars still have to go through the technical inspection.
The Land Rover, now with new headlamps, is immediately approved.
After a cup of coffee at home they go back to the inspection station and now with the Model T.There it appears that the license plate is already in use in New Zealand. No problem, the ZZ changes into VZ (on paper) .

license plate becomes VZ

Steer clearance

steering wheel test

Steve checks the headlights.
The auxcillary headlights are considered acceptable.

headlight test

Undersite inspection

underside inspection

Meanwhile, the trip is being discussed because Steve finds it very interesting.

about the tour

The gentlemen deliberate.

3 faces


Finally, the brake test must be done at a speed of 20 miles.
Steve puts a device in a wooden box on the bottom of the Ford.
On his mark Dirk kicks hard on the brake. The tires leave a brake track on the asphalt.
You can smell the rubber Dirk calls. 
The meter reads 40% which is acceptable for a vehicle only operation on two wheels.

break test

Finally, the important stickers are stuck on the window on a place that does not obstruct the view, just find an empty space.

sticker 1

sticker 2

There he is finally, the warrant of fitness.

Warrant of fitness

At 11 o’clock they are ready and free to go , thanks to Steve and Annete, no worry mate!

OK by Steve and Anette

Greetje and Trudy are still in the supermarket so now we can pick them up with the Ford.
After lunch, Trudy and Dirk mess around in the afternoon while Greetje and Steef visit the center of Christchurch. The windy city it is one big construction site.
Steef wanted to see the cardboard cathedral, designed by a Japanese after the big earthquake of 2011 and he wanted a hat because of the UV radiation.
At the cathedral there is a memorial for the victims consisting of 185 white chairs, for each victim one. Sit down and be silent for a moment.

cardboard cathedral

(turn your computer)

victims memorial



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