26 september – day 97

After a very cold night everybody has a warm shower at 09:00 we have a nice breakfast again prepared by Trudy, after al a very nice place to stay.
Dirk does some maintenance to the tford and after that its time to discover the surroundings, together with a guide we walk over his property, proudly he tells about how they harvest the land, there are some banana trees, which each year produce banana’s, as soon as the banana’s are harvested they cut the tree. The leaves and skin of the tree are used for food for the cows and the goat, after a year there is again a new tree.
We head off to a waterfall; a small curly road is leading downwards. After arriving at the waterfall there is the need to dive into the water, after a good 10 minutes of floating around, we do need to change our clothes, the boxer shorts are changed onsite (watch carefully on the photo) 😉
The extra guide who came along gives a nice dive from a rock next to the waterfall. After several pictures taken we go back up the mountain. After a quick rest at the top, we go towards a 300 year old cave which the locals used for hiding against some unfriendly people.
After a nice lunch in the centre of Marangu we head back towards our campsite. In the evening we take an other time the lasagna and a couple of games of Yathzee.
The nice bar lady of the day before was changed for a less charming lady, we go to bed early.

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