Report 18 March
By Steef

To the reader

This is my last report because it is the last day of this memorable journey for us.
When we were with Eddie Buckley on March 13, I was moved by a statement from their oldest daughter Lilith. She looked with Trudy in her “memory book”. A book filled with photographs of small events from her short life. Half of it was still empty. Trudy said “these are still empty” to which Lilith said “I need more memories”. I need more memories. Then I thought of our journey and the memories it brought to us, many memories.
The smell of the Landrover, the feeling of the smooth steering wheel in my hand, the panoramas, the hospitable people, the climate and our view of the back of the Model T. Our journey together with Trudy and Dirk as a small part of their great company was adventurous and challenging. With four of us we have traveled all those kilometers in harmony for which we want to thank them. In the English translation, some mistakes will undoubtedly have crept. As long as the reader understands what we wanted to tell, our goal has been achieved.
The sequel is now in the hands of the next team. We wish them a lot of success and creativity.

a junction

Steef and Greetje Reilingh.

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