A Beautiful day

Report 29 June
By Benno en Thecla

It was very warm tonight and today also a beautiful day with a temperature of 35 degrees. Trudy and Dirk have deserved such a nice present. They have chosen a beautiful cathedral (termite mound) to be able to repeat the ceremony of their 46th wedding anniversary.

As a gift, they get a lot of sand and bulldust today, because of the many loose sand and holes and also the breezy dust of a single passing vehicle. On the map we see that we are driving parallel to a river, so after a lot of dust and heat we decide to leave the path and start looking for the river. It is still a dusty route than until now and after many kilometers we decide to make a right turn. When we are back on the route, a lake appears to lie after five hundred meters. Dirk and I take a glorious dive. And a few kilometers further we find the long-looking river.

The bank is the same as our sleep establishment, fully equipped with four-poster bed.

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