A day at the family campsite Lawrence

Report 16 maart
By Trudy

It is a wonderful quiet place. Occasionally you can hear the train.
In the morning Bryan and Lorraine leave but first the cars of Chris and Quinten are viewed. There is still a lot of work to do here.

work to do 1

work to do 2

work to do 3

The men almost do not stop talking.

in the manscave

We have a lovely spot for the delicious breakfast that Greetje has made for us.


Leon goes to school, not by bus, but is brought by his father in the Mode T Sedan.

to school in the Model T

Chris’s friends come to see our Model T and take potatoes, pizza bread and vegetables with them.
Dirk has a wonderful workplace. He wants to refresh the oil of the gearbox and the cardan before we start our journey in Australia. With Chris’s workshop, everything is at hand.
There is still time for Jana, reporter of the regional newspaper. He comes for an interview and makes some pictures.
Steef has made an office under the awning. Dry and in the shade and cozy close to the workshop of Chris and Dirk.

office and workshop

Greetje and Steef go with Erin to Pukekohe to do some shopping. Greetje cooks tonight for everyone, so she has to buy some ingredients.


In the meantime, Trudy marks the route that has been driven.

driven roads

Chris has a special carburetor on his Model T Sedan. He takes it off and they build it on Dirk’s Model T. It is a straight through carburetor. The test drive yields two radiant men. The Model T drives like a spear and is stronger up the mountain. That way we can do Australia in 3 months! “Dirk says laughing.

carburettor 1

carburettor 2

In the evening we eat delicious from the meal that Greetje made with the bought and received vegetables.
The boys have also set up a tent and are going to sleep in the tent with the three of us tonight.
We have a nice evening with stories, music , beer and wine and lots of stars in the air.


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