August 21 – day 61

Tuesday august 21 2012,

Today we ride from Al Qadarif to Al Garabat a small town at the border of Ethiopia, a fairly short distance of 150 km over a good road.

Dirk and Trudy in the T-Ford

We pass several small villages


and everywhere we stop, people seem to come out of nowhere

people on the road

just to stare at us or make some small talk. Besides people there is livestock on and alongside the road

sheep on the road

cows along the road

that means careful driving.

on the road

local transport

In the afternoon we reach our destination and check in, in the best hotel in town.

hotel room

inside hotel

nice guy

Late at night two busses of Ethiopian people come to the hotel trying to find a sleeping place, beds are gathered from all over the town to accommodate 100 of them. They are lying in the restaurant and in the hallway; it’s going to be a long night!!

Casper & Arnaud

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