August 22 – day 62

Wednesday, august 22 2012,

We woke up early in the “Hilton” of Al Galabat,

Al Galabat

the Ethiopian ladies who slept in the hallway are also awake and leaving the hotel to cross the border to their own country. Dirk and Trudy who decided they wanted to sleep in the tent on top of the land rover just outside the hotel are already packing the cars.

Sara, the cook

Today we are going to cross the border

crossing the border

with Ethiopia and our first guess that it would take almost a whole day was exaggerated. With the help of our new guide Daniel, who speaks Ethiopian, we are quickly through customs.

the new guide, Daniel

The first kilometres throughEthiopiaare a real surprise, the land is green en fertile,

all green

it’s a big contrast compared to the images you see on the tv about drought and famine.


But also here we are not alone on the road, it’s the same everywhere!

cows again

We arrive in a town called Caila where we check in, in a cosy hotel and what’s more important: finally we can drink a nice cold beer

at last a beer

Casper & Arnaud

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