Birthday of Trudy

Report 11 July
By Benno en Thecla

Early this morning we decorated our campsite with garlands and candles for Trudy’s birthday. .

After that, the garlands go all around on the T-Ford so that today we see festive garlands flying all day for us. She also gets a birthday visit of about 30 youngsters who came to us in full trot. We go early towards Dingo. Here a train track runs through the city, where 100 wagons with charcoal pass by. I wonder what they use for that. We arrive on a larger road that is used a lot and where the road surface is quite bumpy. Occasionally difficult to drive. At the exit of Dudulu we get a treat from Trudy, a sandwich at Rose’s roadside restaurant. We are looking for a short-cut but can not really find him in the first instance, but eventually end up in nice little neighborhood villages. To reach Miriam Vale turns out to be too far so we stop towards Gladstone. We have now descended the mountains and come back into a different landscape.

We have a place at Mount Alma nearby. The farmer comes to watch while he does his evening round and gives us permission. Here it also turns out to be a national walking route, where they also seem to come along with camels and bicycles.

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