Driving on Dirk’s favourite roads

Report March 11
By Trudy

Our campsite is full of dinosaurs (fortunately not living). Our grandson Wouter loves dinosaurs so I send some pictures to him first.
Our goal today is Te Puna, about 100 km to go. That’s why we can take gravel roads and that’s what Dirk loves to drive on.

Dirk road

Dirk road 2


During our coffee break we celebrate the birthday of Ruben, our grandson, who is today 2 years old.

birthday Ruben

It is a beautiful route, the sun is shining and the trees are huge and green. I am also glad that we have chosen this route and am fully enjoying it.
Early in the afternoon we arrive at the kiwi nursery of Don and Carol Twaites. Don looks at the route on the T-Ford.


He takes us and shows the environment, tells a lot about nature. Now we also know that the tree fern is called Ponga and we took a picture of the heart.




It is already dark but he promises to lead us tomorrow on the kiwi plantation.

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