First day – Into the unknown

Report May 17
By David and Rick

The new team  – Rick and  David – A fresh challenge and great adventure…………
The two of us receive the key of the responsibility for the back up Landover.
Dirk and Trudy to assess the new Team………….We are just proud.

full team

In keeping with the established routine Dirk was in te proces of transfering our names onto the Landrover. However things didn’t quiet work out…..
Some of the letters would not stick ……… possibly the labels where too old.
We breathed on them to soften the adhesive…… to little effect. Out came the hairdryer….. to better effect…. but still some letters would not adhere.
So using the next team names we cut out the missing letters and put them in place individually. Voila!

team name

Finally on the way……..

on the road

What a pleasing coffee break!
An acquaintance of Dirk’s, Maurice and Rosa, whom he met at the Perth Veterans Car Club, had invited us to visit him on our way North.
He had the most extraordinary collection of more than 17 vintage cars and carriage’s. What a joy!

Maurice and Rosa place

Here Dirk and Trudy in one of their cars letting their imaginations wander.

Dirk and Trudy

Getting into the routines. One of the first things to do is seeing up the tent……. Not so quite as simple as you, nor we, might had thought.

first campsite

Needless to say, dinner is a most important daily routine. Trudy fulfils her part in the event beautifully.

first diner





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2 Responses to First day – Into the unknown

  1. Hi good people, we, Sara and Harel from Israel, met you this morning on the way out of Denham. We are doing documentary and wish to interview you. Can we? How?

  2. STeef en Greetje says:

    Hoi Reizigers.
    Rick en David hebben de eerste miles afgelegd, doe ze de groeten.
    Bedankt voor jullie kaart, erg leuk. We zijn in het paleisrje van Dirk-Jan geweest, dat wordt echt heel mooi!
    Goede reis !

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