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Report 10 July
By Benno en Thecla

Last night it was slightly warmer; up to 5 degrees. We have interested parties for the T-Ford at an early stage. One of the guests has worked for a long time on Fraser island and says that it is very busy with tourists nowadays, especially during the school holidays. Fraser Island is worth it but not for snorkeling. He probably knows another possibility near his home address. Seventien Seventy. We write it down!

We continue and not much later our path is crossed by a porcupine (bad signs ?!) A little further we see 4 emus in the field and 3 khoribusters. Fun! Because the last days we drive a lot of kilometers in a day. In the afternoon I take over the wheel and a little later we hear a lot of noise at the right rear tire of the Landrover. We steer straight into the roadside, and see that the canvas of the tire is barren. Ben is considering reducing the pressure in the tire, but less than a minute later it is bang! First we wait for Dirk and Trudy, but start by disassembling the spare tire and removing the wheel with a baco because we can not find the wheel wrench.

Once we have that job, the job is done. Not much later we stop to store our camp for the night and so the men can also inspect what is going on with the T Ford, because they always pull to the left with brakes. After the wheel and drum has been removed it appears that the brake lining is dredge. We clean everything and seal the hub with silicone gasket. Just before dark everything is together. Then just change the differential oil. This looks pretty good. (no more bronze available)

Everything seems to have been taken care of again so that we can go to bed quietly, the stars wink us to sleep.

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