Fraser Island

Report 16 July
By Benno en Thecla

The Model T-Ford gets its extra green camouflage cover and can stay on a special parking spot on the mainland of Australia. We arrange in the village the vehicle and camping permit and ferry ticket and can then transfer to Fraser Island with the ferry in the Landrover. Yeah! We drive to the Inskip Point but do not actually see where the ferry is mooring. No sign, no road only a large sand plain by the sea.

But the mooring of the ferry depends on the tide and we have to take that into account. Part of the route is inland but if it is two hours before or after high tide we can also drive over the beach. From the ferry we are stuck in the sand. First let the tire pressure run off. That works fine. A beautiful pearl white sandy beach with no splash of pollution or stones or other disturbance. It is therefore not difficult to recognize when a turtle or snake is on the beach. Dirk is still spotting a whale with his binoculars and we just see his last fountain of air and water spraying up before he disappears. The scenic drive inland goes through low vegetation that slowly turns into jungle, beautiful but sometimes very loose sand and deep channels, holes and large roots of trees over the road and the path is not wider than a car. With a first oncoming car (after an hour) on the inland route, we glide into a bend against another car, which will cause considerable damage. As a result, there is some stress, but after exchanging the details of the insurance we go further. And end up after a beautiful ride through a forest of forest giants at a sheltered camp site in the middle of the island, shielded from the packs of dingos that walk around here on Fraser Island (the largest sand island in the world). We sleep again with all jungle sounds in the background, and stars that twinkle between the tree tops.

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