Going to Colombia

May 28th

Report by Dirk


Today we leave to Cartagena.

Our daughter Rozemarijn brings us to the airport and at 13.10 h. our plane depart to Panama City, our first stop.


always busy

always busy


After a flight of 10 hours we arrive in Panama City and all around us the people speaks Spanish. The last few months we followed a Spanish course but we still don’t understand what the people are talking about. But we will have time enough to practice.

After a one hour flight we arrive at 10.30 PM locale time in Cartagena.


arrival in Cartagena

arrival in Cartagena


There we get a warm welcome by Yocabat of SOS children´s villages of Cartagena.


welcome in Cartagena

welcome in Cartagena

Tomorrow morning we will wake up early to go to the harbour in the hope to pick up the cars.

It keeps always exciting to get the cars on the road in a strange country with a strange language and a lot of paperwork.

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