Goodbye Richard and Rona.

Report March 4
By Steef

The house of Richard and Rona lies along a steep road in Wellington. For their three children Efa, Sean and Joe there is enough space to play with a large playroom downstairs, two garages and a garden. Upstairs the living room has a magnificent view over the bay. Oldest son Sean has his own guitar with amplifier. Richard has an electric and an acoustic stand. The beginning of a band? After the necessary preparations we say goodbye. Thank you for your hospitality and maybe see you in Edam.

Richard and Rona’s house


ooking over the bay

Sean’s guitar

Richard guides us through the city until we are on the right track. To the left of us the residents of the higher houses look across the bay. It is very sunny and warm. Although not shown in the picture, it is much drier here. The hills are yellow and barren. The ride goes up to a height of 800 meters. The Model T is struggling and climbing, he is doing great. The Landrover comes first again and it also drives like a spear. Despite the more than 3500 kilos I can take any tight bend up or down with ease. It looks a bit like surfing as the car rocks back and forth on the sloping road surface. At the end of the day we still experience a beautiful sunset at the campsite.

top locations

country side

evening at the holiday park



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