Hamelin to Karratha – 1296 Km .. whew!

Report 19th through May 24th 
By David and Rick

We were panting with our effort …….. and then he hove into view!


Crocodiles not withstanding …….. decide to go for a swim ……. we need’nt  have worried.

Dry River Bed

Rick lounging against a Termite mound ………..

Big and red

Looking for something to peck.

white heron

Keeping a safe distance.

Back up vehicle

Ahh! …… At last our swim…….. Oops! ……. Crocodiles!


No diving!


Truck Overtaking

Trudy indulging her love for Dirk!


Trudy taking notes for her dairy.


A pleasant watering hole by the ocean.

Drinking DenHam-3893

Putting on the wet weather gear.

Wet Weather Gear

Dirk in his dreams.


Coolin’ the Spokes

Turn Circles

What’s around the corner?

180525-To-Karratha-4518-Restricted Vision+3-Enh

Boring her way through.

The Big Splash

All in a day’s work.

Aqua Plane

Have to keep truckin’.

No Way Out

…….. sense of relief ………

Getting Out Of There

To close for comfort.

Too Close For Comfort

Steering clear.

Steering Clear

Peace at last ……..


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Badmeester in Tibet
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One Response to Hamelin to Karratha – 1296 Km .. whew!

  1. Rita Bekker says:

    Jullie gaan nog steeds lekker! Zal niet lang meer duren voor Australia achtergelaten wordt.
    Dit komt van Bill Vann en Rita Bekker die jullie in Taree hebben ontmoet!

    Genoeg meegemaakt en hopelijk een boel centjes (dollars) ontvangen!
    Houen zo!
    Rita en Bill

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