Horsepower (s)

Report 8 July
By Benno en Thecla

We spent the night at the Oasis roadhouse. Next to us is an old tree, without intimate life, but with an unusually hospitable reception the most beautiful birds land. We continue our way; 262 kilometers of asphalt. The roads are hypnotic long, the vegetation extremely homogeneous, so you shake your head regularly and wonder “have not I driven here, or are we still still?” You look at your speedometer, which just indicates 70, your tank gauge is also however dropped. There are hardly any animals to see. At our coffee stop at one of the bush lands, an old cowboy meets us on a horse and has an animated conversation. He also tells you to come to a city every now and then, but only to do some shopping and is back in the jungle of the bush as soon as possible. Something we can confirm. In Charters Towers we arrive early in the afternoon and want to go shopping there, but the city seems deserted. There is a large store open, where we can do our shopping. The boys are outside and have regular claims, even the local supercharger makes a chat and gives the boys a pound of freshly cut fricandeau as a present. We drive a lot further and stop 30 kilometers before Belyando crossing. Hit the bush and encounter a group of more than thirty kangaroos. With a little bit of murmur we get a place in their territory. Unfortunately, here are some spines on the ground, so you can not walk with flip-flops. However, sleeping is again fine at this place. A magisterial starry sky, however, gives us little rest !! The farmer comes by to tell us that we are not allowed to make fire, and must take our waste with us.

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