Report 6 July
By Benno en Thecla

We had a wonderful night at Ellis Beach, even though it was so busy.

So we decide to go back to the interior at Smithfield, on to Atherton. The mountains are staring at us. Along the way we see many tree ferns, a picture of millions of years back as if the dinosaurs are looking around the corner. We pass again all kinds of coffee, mango and banana plantations. The road is super busy with a lot of holiday traffic, but also a lot of freight traffic and roadtrains. That is why we have chosen a beautiful route through dirt road, which is almost deserted. Via Herberton, Irvingbank we go to Mount Garnet. We have often seen microwaves along the road at a house, not much later it becomes clear to us that the old microwave ovens are used as snake-free mailboxes. In Irvingbank we still come to a museum installation of all kinds of tools for machines, including for miners’ work. A few old techies turn cranes, pumps, and all kinds of stationary engines. Magnificent!! In addition, all kinds of excavated stones, musical instruments have been shown, and what not. The enthusiastic men let us see our collection beaming and enjoy the sight of a T-Ford in their village. Then we end up on a beautiful mountain road with beautiful views, lakes and curves. We do not meet anyone. Just before we reach Mount Garnet we decide to make our campground on a small lake. An only the lonely pelican keeps watch in the lake. Ben and I sleep under the stars again in the bushes, where it is very restless with rustling and splashing in the water.

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