July 13 – day 22

We have a new laptop, updates can be written!

At 3:00 in the night we arrive on the dark abandoned quay in Igoumenitsa (Greece). In the distance the lights of the ferry continuing its journey to Patras. We drive on empty roads with the Model-T headlights lighting the corners. Both cars are running smoothly across every hill we pass.

For me as a nightperson is surreal, but beautiful too see the morning light at 6 while drinking coffee under the guard of a Greek guard dog.

After a long hot day there is no open campsite to be found. Fortunately a friendly Greek advises  use to sleep at the beach. And so we are at a unique spot directly at the water with a view on the magnificent Rio-Antirio Bridge to Peloponnese.

During the evening and the night several young couples visit the beach. Unfortunately for them we, a slightly older young bunch have taken their spot.

Friday the 13th is a lucky day for us. We receive confirmation that the crossing from Greece to Haifa (Israel) is arranged.

Ben en Joke

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