July 21 – day 30

It is very special to drive through the Neveb desert. The Model-T goes very easy up and down the hills. One time we have to stop,
because the breaks do get too hot.
After a checkpoint a military jeep follows the Model-T. After we stopped, the soldiers came out their car. They are just curious
and they want to know everything about the trip.
We take a bath in the Dead Sea, amazing you can float so easily.

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3 Responses to July 21 – day 30

  1. suzanne regter says:

    wat erg zeg die inbraak.
    we kijken iedere dag op de site voor nieuwe verhalen en foto s
    theo en ik hebben ook gedreven in de dode zee.
    het is hier nu 27 graden ,zijn net terug van strandbad.

    heel veel kusjes van ons

  2. Pamela says:

    Hello there. I read with interest about your project and wish you every success. Apologies for commenting on this entry but I could not locate an e-mail address to use to contact you. Please can you advise me when you anticipate coming to Singapore? Thanks. Best wishes, Pamela

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