July 28 – day 37

Saturday 28 july

Today we have to drive 230 kilometers through the desert of Sinaï.We start at 6.15.

onbijt bij checkpoint

At 7.00 we have to stop at a checkpoint and we have to wait for protection by the police.

om sneller te gaan aan de triangel

We put the Model-T with a triangel to the landrover, so we will going faster ( about 60 km/hour)
At 8.45 we leave the first checkpoint and a police car drives in the front and another in the back.

de bewaking scherp en attent voorop

ingepakt tegen de wind

Sinai woestijn

The distance is more than 230 kilometres. It is 320 kilometres, so after a long day we arrive at 16.30 to our hotel.
Dirk wants to fix the Model -T. He hear a strange noise.The whole evening he is looking for it.He find the problem of the sound,
but he find something else too, that he cannot fix here.It is the crankshaftbearing.
So he will drive on, but how far…he don’t know.

uitzicht vanaf het balkon Ras Sudr

Ben en Joke

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  1. Ike Plat says:

    Lieve mensen, wij volgen jullie belevenissen met spanning en genot. Prachtige oefeningen in geduld!, samenwerking en rustig aan volhouden. Wat een avontuur. Doe voorzichtig, liefs en behouden reis Jaap en Ike

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