Report 3 July
By Benno en Thecla

Re-check the oil of the rear axle after 1000 fierce kilometers.
At the campsite we spot Kookaburra (a bird that does not laugh but barks)

Next to us is a colossal truck camper with all the bells and whistles. Everyone asks for a photo session with the T-Ford next to this camper.

A hill and mountainous landscape very green and together with the clouds in the sky it gives a beautiful view. Here we have another wonderful experience when we refuel our tanks at filling station. People are very enthusiastic about the T-Ford and its mission, so we get the whole tip jar for S.O.S. children’s villages, two hands full! At the Palmer roadhouse a short radio interview is still being conducted. The first drops are also on our side but fortunately not for long. We are now in the rainforest.

We take the exit to Ashton, where we take a side road in the bush after not too long, that opens to a river, in the middle of the rainforest, where we create a beautiful camp site in the dry bed.
Dirk and Benno dive into the river before dinner, after there are no crocus marks to be seen.

With a campfire and a provosorisch zeiltje between the Landrover and T-Ford we can again make a lovely bed. In the night it rains heavily, and Ben ends up turning in his sleep under the T-Ford, here he is dry with water, but with a greasy crest of oil.

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