Lake Mackenzie

Report 17 July
By Thecla en Benno

Today we leave again in time to experience as much as possible of this beautiful island. The trees here are huge and therefore already very old. A very untouched nature, where you can not spot any animals because of the dense vegetation. Really untouched rainforest and sometimes also beautiful ferns. We can not drive faster than 10 to 15 kilometers per hour because of the sometimes erratic path between monstrous tree roots in a tunnel of green. Here we walk once again with the Landrover’s stairs against a tall tree root. We make beautiful film recordings. Dirk has the taste for or on top of the Landrover. We reach Lake Mackenzie (fresh water) which is wonderful and exotic with pearly white beaches in a wild jungle, and where Benno naturally goes swimming. Then on to the Eastern Beach and then drive back 44 kilometers over the beach. The men take another dive in the ocean. We see several ospreys and as the last bonus two other dingos come up the beach.
At half past five we have the ferry back to the mainland where we put the tires under tension before we go back to the campsite.
Fantastic that we have seen this!

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