Last day with Coby and Sjaak

Report 15th May
By Trudy

The LandRover is brought by Richard and Dirk to a garage where the oil is changed. Meanwhile, we have time for a message, hairdresser, city tour and a delicious lunch at the beach with Jenny and Richard and their grandson Fenix. Then it’s time to say goodbye.

Richard and Jenny

We are going to Karyn in Roleystone, where our new team will arrive.
Rick is already there

Rick and Dirk

And Karyn, our hostess, jumps enthusiastically with Dirk in the T-Ford.


David will come tomorrow, but we are already saying goodbye to Sjaak and Coby. They have handed in the keys of the LandRover and take the train back to Perth where they stay overnight with Richard and Jenny. They fly back home tomorrow. Thank you Sjaak and Coby. It was the third time that you traveled with us as a team.

A record!!!



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