Liquid gold in the differential

Report 21 June
By Thecla

Dirk also starts this morning with his ritual to lubricate the T-Ford, check tire pressure and check everything carefully, after such a tough day like yesterday. But to his horror at the level plug of the differential oil is a lot of gold chips (bronze) on the magnet.

This requires further investigation. So the men decide to do an extensive inspection, in which the oil is drained and a golden drab comes out to fright. This indicates a dramatic wear. It is decided to demolish the entire rear axle under the T-Ford today. In the interior of the differential there is a thrust plate broken (acial bearing) and dismounted. The pieces of bronze fly from the inside. After a few hours of demolition and having been in suspense, Dirk is fortunate enough to have a spare shaft with thrust plates. Mazzel!

Our campsite has raged for two days, in the jungle a violent uncontrolled fire and flights and the birds and other animals fly in one direction. The T-Ford stands without axle, petrol jerry cans support steadily waiting for mobility. We wonder if a lot of vermin, snakes and the like are fleeing to our camps?

The question now remains how did this happen? Many theory is added and this will be further explored in the coming days. After dinner around half past six it is dark and the original books are brought in and in the light of the petrol lamp a lot of things are looked at.

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