New Zealand goodbye

Report 19 March
By Dirk

Today we deliver the cars in Auckland at the shipper’s yard.
We get up early and before we leave Chris and Erin in Glenbrook, Chris and Dirk still clean the radiator of the  Model T. There are all bees and other flying pests that absolutely can not go to Australia.
Together with Trudy Chris drives the route to Auckland of about 40 km. in the Landrover. Trudy is happy that she does not have to drive.
Dirk drives in the Model; it goes like a spear with the new carburetor on it.
With a speed of more than 90 km. they drive on the highway.
Phil Gibbs from the shipping company receives us warmly. The Model T is stripped of the last New Zealand grass tips, but the Landrover will have to be thoroughly cleaned with a high-pressure sprayer.
We say goodbye to our cars that have piloted us through New Zealand without problems. We also say goodbye to Chris, who has helped us tremendously well in the last few days.

driven route

goodbye to Chris 1

Goodbye to Chris 2

The New Zealand team

New Zealand goodbye: it was a wonderful trip with wonderful encounters.

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