October 1 – day 102

Friday, 05 October 2012

This morning at 08:00 Dirk and Jon can drive towards Tanga with a staff member of Denys. The wishbone, bracket and tire of the range rover go into the range rover of Denys. Arriving in Tanga we first go to a tire centre they say no problems to fix it. We drive towards the garage and we meet the owner of the place we give the the wishbone and bracket aswell no problem to fix it, it would take about 1 hour. We are dropped off at a local bar for a coffee the staffmember had to do some groceries aswell.
After picking up about 1000 kilos of stones we drive towards the garage to pick up the wishbone and bracket. The bracket is finished; the wishbone needs some extra work to be done, Dirk shows how the wishbone needs to be prepared so it can be welded without any problems. The welder welds the wishbone with copper it looks good. On our way we picked up the tire, Dirk asks how much bar the tire has it turns out it is not enough, the people of the tire centre say they don’t have any pressed air???? Strange story we put the tire on the roof of the range rover and head on. On our way we need to put some extra air in the range rover, Dirk climbs on top of the roof to put some air in the tire of our range rover after a while he reaches the 4,6 bar, an employee is getting on the roof as well he manages to get all the air out of the tire Dirk tries to prevent it, but unfortunately the tire is back on 2 bar, strange people those Tanzanians.
After an hour drive we arrive at Peponi all together we spent 4 hours. Dirk places the wishbone and bracket after 2 hours the tford is back in business.
We decide to stay an other day we don’t want to haste. Renzo and Jon are again at the swimming pool Dirk and Trudy get a few more tips and addresses from Denys they can use on their journey.
In the evening a last meal and a few drinks the German girls are very eager to drive along towards Bagamoyo we go to bed early.

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  1. missing you guys, all the best

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