October 10th – Day 111

Wednesday 10 october

Today we are going to Makambako. We leave at 10.30 am.


After a few kilometres, the model T runs not good,

We assumed that the re-routing of the fuel line would solve this, but unfortunately it is not solved yet.

Dirk changes the carburetor and after one hour we are on the road again.

carb wissel

The Model T is still not ok, Dirk removes the air filter.

When we are rolling again, something terrible happened. Dirk-jan and Inge see that the right front wheel of the model T is braking off!

It was scaring to see.


Trudy and Dirk step out of the car, what is happened?!


We decided to repair it the African way, we put bunches of wood on the road as a warning triangle.


The fuse pen is broken on two places.


We are sitting on the road, and started to remove the broken parts.

wiel los01

wiel los02

Luckily we have the broken parts on stock in the LandRover stockhouse.

afrikaans sleutelen

It’s getting warmer and warmer, Trudy and Inge give us food and drinks.


The stearingrod has bean bend, it doesn’t fit anymore.

sleutelen stuurstang01

We have a new one and replace it.

sleutelen stuurstang02

The people who are watching us started with 3, and is getting more



After assembling the new parts the wheel can be replaced.


After 4 hours of working is it fixed!!! Good job guys!

vader en zoon

We make a test drive, its rolling again!


We decided to go back were we came from. We are happy there was no accident with braking the wheel, it was in slow speed..

Tomorrow Dirk will work on the car again.

Inge, DJ and Trudy

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