October 15 & 16th

Report October 15 and 16th.
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Today we bring a visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.
We visited the Greenfield Village with houses and buildings from the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900.
You can see how people lived during that time and the technical development in that area.
Several Model T’s drove in the street in which you can make a drive as a passenger.
Trudy sends some postcards to Holland at a post office from the 20th

at the postoffice

at the post office

Model T's in the street

Model T’s in the street

In the car museum there are of course a lot of old and newer Fords but also beautiful cars from other marks.
There is also a lot of attention to the technical development from the end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900.
Big steam locomotives for example.
We had a nice and very impressive day at the museum.

Fordmuseum-1909 Model T

museum-1909 Model T


in the museum 1

in the museum 1

n the museum 2

in the museum 2

October 16th.
Edit by Sjaak

Today we make the preparing for our trip back home to Holland tomorrow.
Dirk and Trudy also go back to Holland for two weeks to see their new grandchild “Simon”.
We can park the Model T and the Land Rover at Jannie and Paul’s house for these two weeks.


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