October 17th – Day 118

Wednesday 17 october

Today we go forNkataBay, it’s about 130km south.

InMalawithere is a fuel problem, a lot of gas stations are sold out.

In the end we find some diesel and petrol. We can drive again!


Inge and Trudy buy some fruit and vegetables on the market. Some ladies want to go for a picture.


Inge turns the LandRover on the market. Men are really surprised there is a woman behind the wheel.

To stay flexible we do some exercise.


The model T runs well!

model T

In Nkatha Bay near the campsite is kids are playing football.


To get to the campsite we have to take an ‘AficanBridge’.


And after the bridge some off road.


When we are at the campsite, Inge does the laundry.


Today we did 127 km, tommorrow we go for Salima.

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One Response to October 17th – Day 118

  1. tiny says:

    goed om te zien [en te horen]dat jullie het naar je zin hebt
    ik krijg bijna zin om jullie op te zoeken,om ook al dat moois te bekijken
    xxxxxxxxxx mam/tiny

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