October 20th – Day 121

Saturday 20th October

After sending the website updates, and fitting the welded steeringrod on the Ford, we filled up the tank, and at 10:30 we go for the border.



At 13.15 we arrived at the border. LeavingMalawiis easy, getting intoZambiatakes some paperwork. At 14.45 we drive intoZambia!

During the coffee break we have fans again, they go for a nice picture.


Chipata is not far from the border, at 16.00 we arrived into the city. It looks decent. There is even a block of flats and a supermarket!



Along de road we see a lot of advertisment, painted by real artists.



At 16.30 we arrived at the campsite MamaRulas, a nice place. We drove today 148Km.


Tomorrow we leave the Ford at the campsite and go with the Land Rover to Mfue to visit theSouthLuangwaNational Park.

DJ en Inge

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