October 24rd – Day 125

Wednesday 24 October

Today we start to go to Lusaka its about 560km total, so we want to do it in 2 days.
The campsite we’re going for is 330km.

Because we want to do this big distance, we leave early. 8:30.
Close to the campsite is a cotton fabric.


Untill 10 o’clock the temperature is nice. After 10 it’s getting hot again. The roof goes on and the hood goes off.

T Ford

The view is nice but the road is full of put holes. Even though we hit the 80 km per hour!

80 km

The villages look more orgenised than before, we see the kids getting lessons outside.


Finally we cross the Luanga River, over a big bridge. At 16.00 we are on the campsite.


We cool down in the swimming pool, with a beautiful view over the river. At the other site of the river it is Mozambique.
You can get there without a visa, but you will be eaten by crocodiles.


Today we have a new Record! We did 354 km!
Tomorrow we go to Lusaka, 260 km

DJ en Inge

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