October 29th – Day 130

Monday 29th October

Today O’Brian the barman is our guide, we go to visit the Falls. A tourist day. We go there by taxi.


To enter the bridge we have to go through the customs, the bridge is between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The bridge is built in 1905 and 111meters high.
You can bungee jump off the bridge.



I decided to jump, after putting your signature on a dozen forms you get a number and your weight on your arm.
Up to the jumping spot.

weight and nr

First they fix you in a harnass and put the elastic at your legs


Then you must stand on the plateau with your toes over the edge, that means you have to look down….Damn, its high!

They count from 5 to 0, at 0 you must jump as far as you can.

jump 01

It takes a while before the elastic gets you, and you create a very high speed.. then the elastic grabs your legs, and you go up again.

jump 02

jump 03

jump 04

After this they pick you up, and take you to the bridge again.
What an experience!!!



After this huge adrenaline shot, we go to the Falls.

In this period of the year the Falls are very small. When the rainseason has started (in about 3 weeks) the Falls will do 700 million liter per second.

From the Zambia side you can’t see the big part of it.

small fall

But now we can walk to the Livingstone Island. Its about 1 hour walking over the dry Falls.

walk to island


The views are great.


livingstone Island

From the Livingstone Island, we can swim to the DevilsPool, thats a 5 meter deep pool just aside the Falls, with a big edge right before the falls.

devils pool

We jump in it. Really refreshing!


At the edge you can sit with your back towards the fall.

sit at edge

You can also watch over the edge, 90meters high!

on the edge

On our way back a guard with gun walks with us to protect us, because elephants like the fresh water, especially now when the sun goes down.


At night, during a fresh beer, the power shuts down. Later we hear that elephants has broken the power line.

See if they visit us tonight again..


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