October 3 – day 104

October 3

Today is the last day of the team Renzo en Jon, we drive towardsDar es Salaamto pick up Dirk jan and Inge (who will arrive early in the morning) of the airport. It is a short trip from Bagamoyo on a good road. After a while we arrive at the suburbs ofDar es Salaamit is very chaotic lots of cars, mopeds and lots of people along side of the road. For lunch we spot a quiet place, it turns out to be a military area. A soldier says we can stay but that we are not allowed to take any pictures.

After a short while 3 other soldiers arrive of which one is in his civilian clothes this turns out to be a lieutenant he demands us to leave at once. Dirk is protesting, Jon and Renzo advise to get away as soon as possible, otherwise we could get into problems, we quickly drive away. At road next to the main road we stop to have lunch. After getting on the main road we see that we were sitting only 500 metres from a SOS children village, that’s a pitty.

After several times asking the way to the airport we arrive at 15:00 the hotel.

This was the last report of the team Renzo en Jon, it was fun to write them.

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