October 30th – Day 131

Tuesday 30 October

This night no visit from the Elephants, slept very well.
Around the tent many trees are broken.


During the daily service of the 33!!greasepoints, we mention that the nails of the body come out. Probably caused by the off road adventures of the model T.



We discuss our route with Dave, an Australian that lives at the campsite. He strongly advises us not to go trough Chobe park. It is very loose sand there and you don’t want the Ford to be a part of Africa.
So we decide to drive around the Okavango Delta in Botswana at the Westside. It will take more km’s but the road is much better. No Chobe park for us..


The owner of the campsite is born in Friesland, Buitenpost. Trudy can communicate with him in Frysk.


At 9.30 we leave Livingstone. On the road to Sesheke.


It is less crowded in this part of Zambia, villages look cleaner. A nice thing to see is the way of constructing a house.


During the trip, we hear a bang and metal scratching.
De T has a flat tire, the tire went in the woods, and the rim of the wheel is worn.




We change the set, and go on.
During the coffee brake Dirk doesn’t trust the other front tyre, so we change that one as well.


In this garage there are a lot of mosquitoes, Inge and Trudy protect themselves


When we drive over a bridge, many times the water level is very low.


At 17.00 we arrive in Sesheke, on a campsite with a very big Baobab tree. We put the tent under it. Unfortunately this doesn’t fit on the picture.


The campsite is aside the Zambezi River, we make dinner there, during this we hear the hippo’s snoring.

Today we did 206km. Tomorrow we go for the Zambia-Namibia border.


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