October 31st – Day 132

Wednesday 31 October

After packing the tent, I find out that the car keys are left in the tent, no problem according to Dirk, he has the spare ones.
We take breakfast near the Zambezi River.


Today we enter Namibia, a very relax border post.


After changing the money by cab into the village, we enter Namibia at 12.


It’s a small peace of Namibie, in between Angola and Botswana. It’s called the Caprivi strip.
With a very very good road. During the ride we have our first raindrops. I do a little raindance.


The LandRover is getting out of fuel, so we want to throw in a 20L can. I ask Dirk if he has the tankcover key……uuhhhh, we only have 1 of that.
It’s in the Tent. Shit.
But eventually we have it!

the key to succes


During a coffee brake, I ask Dirk if I can drive the Model T.
mmmmm. After driving 17.131km by himself it is not easy to let loose the steering wheel.
But….he says; OK!
So we can cruise the Ford!


On the road there are beautiful Dutch cows with big horns.

bonte koe

At 16.00 we arrive in Kongola,
To get to the campsite we have to go through soft sand.
Some throttle on the ModelT and it runs quite good through it. Lots of fun!!
At 4pm we arrive in Kongola.

The Campsite is in a swamp, to get to the restaurant we have to go by boat. We go in between 2 hippo families, one of them follows us. No problem according to the captain, his boat is faster!



Today 144kms
Tomorrow we go to the Botswana border.


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