October 4 – day 105

Tonight at 2 o’clock the new team is arrived at the airport of Dar Es Salam.
The plane arrived 45minutes early and after a call to Dirk and Trudy, 5min later they show up at the airport.
Trudy is very very happy to meet again with her son and Inge, we also!

After a few big hugs and toasts with red wine we go to bed about 4 o’clock.
In the morning we (Dirk-jan and Inge) meet also with Jon and Renzo and we decide to sit in the shade of the hotel and hear and tell all the ‘strong’ stories of the previous weeks. This takes a couple of hours off course. During this hours Jon is busy with writing the previous days for the website.

After hearing a lot of beautiful stories it is time to put the new teamsticker on the LandRover.
There is no room at the hood on the ‘African side’ so Dirk finds a good place at the fender.

After the sticker is fixed, we can do the ‘official’ key handover, that’s worth a picture!

Jon had contact with his niece, she has a lodge at the beach nearby Dar Es Salam, and Renzo and Jon decided to go there for a couple of days.
After the lunch the taxi is there, so we need to say goodbye. This is not an easy thing, but after big hugs and kisses they take the cab.

After a meal with chicken that is not really ok, and a bottle of 18% wine we go to bed.

Tomorrow we go to Morogoro.

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2 Responses to October 4 – day 105

  1. Tiny Tol says:

    groetjes uit de beemster

  2. dragan kloostra says:

    hee dirk-jan, alles goed daar..
    vanaf nu gaat het echt beginnen, heel veel plezier met de rondreis voor een heel goed doel!

    groeten dragan

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