On our way to Sydney

Report 12 April
By Trudy

For the workshop of Mitch we slept under the awning in the roof tent. Luxury camping spot and this morning Dirk could easily tinker there.

work in the morning

We say goodbye to Mitch and go on our way.

saying goodbye

First back to Gloucester, do some shopping and then take the road to Sydney.

road work

The country we drive through is beautiful again. I’ve written that before, but we drive a lot of miles in a day and we see so much. It is enjoyment in this great Australia.

landscape 1

landscape 2

The weather is still beautiful, but in the Model T it is very hot. A cool drink refreshes the driver.

hot day

We hurried up and the LandRover follows bravely.


About half the distance to Sydney (in Singleton) we stop at a Caravan Park where they also rent cabins. Coby and Sjaak take a cabin and we go into the roof tent.

Coby’s cabin


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