On the road to Adelaide 1

Report April 20
By  Trudy

After the farewell in Traralgon we head for Adelaide. In Toorading we are met and we can go after Robbie Dalton’s Model T-Ford.

meeting in Tooradin

there we go to

That is easy, then I do not have to look at the map.

following 1

A beautiful route, you can see that it is autumn here.

autumn colours

On the way we meet more people with A and T-Ford.

meeting 1

meeting 2

It is good that there is under the T-Ford looked, because there is a bolt broken.

broken bolt


Dirk repairs it and we continue.

following 2

on the road

We go to Point Lonsdale with the ferry. He is waiting for us. We quickly say goodbye and drive the ferry.


We have a cheerful captain.

captain Coby

It is only 3 o’clock, so we drive on to a campsite in Lorne. Along the way we see a forest fire, but fortunately it is under control.



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