Picknick ride in an Unic Delivery 1912

Report 28 January
By Dirk

Today we are invited for a picnic ride by The Veteran Car club of New Zealand in Ohoka; a place slightly above Christchurch.
When we arrive there, a Spyker from 1907 stands in the verge. Unbelievable, a Spyker in the wild. This is owned by a man who’s name is also Spyker and is related to the Spyker brothers from the famous Dutch car brand from the beginning of the last century.

Spyker 1907

In the barn of Kelvin Finlay is a car of a brand unknown to me; a Krit from around 1913. Upon inquiry Krit is a car brand from Detroit from the beginning of the last century.
The swastika on the emblem does a bit strange, but the car is from afar before the 2nd World War, so then apparently that was possible.


Trudy and I can ride the picknic ride with Tim Palmen in a Unic Delivery from 1912.
The coach of this French car was built at the time by a coach builder in Christchurch.

Tim & Dirk

Trudy is in the back and has a lot of space.
Tim and Dirk are “on the box”.

Unic Delivery 1912

There are also a few tough T-Fords along: a Touring from 1915 and a Delivery, also from 1915.

Model T 1915

Model T Delivery 1915

Afterwards we have a nice chat and Dirk and Ron Duckworth have the greatest fun.

Dirk & Ron have fun


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